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Ross is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bath, UK. He studies the evolution of morphological form across the entire Tree of Life, as well as the methods by which this is done: cladistics. Having had trouble getting access to usable data during his research Ross is now also working on ways to both extract data from legacy literature and encourage the sharing of data with the aid of a Panton Fellowship  from the Open Knowledge Foundation. Aside from academia Ross enjoys football, travelling the world and trying out new Linux distro’s. He used to grow a rather lovely collection of cacti and succulents but unfortunately that’s fallen by the wayside now. You’ll most likely see him at a conference wearing an Open Data t-shirt.

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Ross Mounce, Biology and Biochemistry Department, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7PY, UK.

Life as a Palaeontologist: Academia, the Internet and Creative Commons

Life as a Palaeontologist
by Ross Mounce*1 Introduction: The results of scientific research can be of interest to experts and non-experts alike. This is perhaps especially true for palaeontology, which captures public interest — but obtaining access to this information is sometimes difficult, even for scientists. Taking a rather different tack from previous Palaeontology [online] articles, I'm going to provide a brief overview of how the Internet has changed and is significantly changing palaeontology and academia in general, helping to open up research for the greater benefit of science and society. Figure 1 — Sir Tim Berners-Lee sends a message at the London 2012 Olympics. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee helped to invent the World Wide Web more than 20 years ago, he did it 'for ever...